Vacuum Insulation Panels with PET Film

  • Low thermal conductivity VIP fumed silica vacuum insulation panel with PET film

    Low thermal conductivity VIP fumed silica vacuum insulation panel with PET film

    Compared with traditional Fumed silica vacuum insulation panel, Vacuum Insulation Panels with PET film are specially designed to strengthen the protection of vacuum insulation panels, and the PET films can effective protection protects the vacuum insulation panel surface, and it can avoid to be punctured or damaged. For PET film color, there are white and silver.

    For Zerothermo Fumed silica Vacuum insulation panels(VIP), its thermal conductivity is less than 0.0045w / (m.k), which is the best cold chain insulation material and good thermal insulation and energy saving, When different insulation materials are selected to achieve the same insulation effect, the vacuum insulation panel (VIP board) can make the insulation materials smaller or make the available space of the incubator larger.

    Zerothermo vacuum insulation panels can be customized in various shapes and sizes. its size range: Length(300- 1200mm)*width(300-800mm)* thickness(5-50mm), it is super thin & lightweight , and we use the best high barrier films on market to guarantee a long service life of the VIP( more than 50 years).The core material consists of a pressed powder board of fumed silica, consists of 100% Non-Toxic Materials with Recycled Materials.

    Zerothermo Team are focused on innovating vacuum technology for many years, If you need these vacuum insulation panels (VIP), please feel free to contact us, we will reply you back in 12 hours with best customer service.