reinforced vacuum insulation panel

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Reinforced vacuum insulation panels can not only be directly applied to the internal and external insulation of building walls, but also can be combined with other decorative and thermal insulation materials to form composite thermal insulation boards, which guarantee the Insulation performance and service life.

  • Installation: horizontal or vertical
  • Air leakage issue: NO
  • Brand Name: Zerothermo
  • Fire resistance: Grade A
  • Size: 1200*900mm 1200*1200mm,1500*900mm,1800*900mm
  • Service Life: ≥ 50 years
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    The reinforced vacuum insulation panel is a patented product of Zerothermo Company, which is an upgraded product of ordinary vacuum insulation panels.

    The protective layer thickness of the outer surface of the reinforced vacuum insulation panel is about 2mm. The protective layer is made of inorganic building materials and polymers in a special process on the surface of the vacuum plate. The protective layer is fireproof ,waterproof, strong hardness, and certain flexibility, and has good bonding performance with cement mortar and other materials.

    The protective layer has a significant protective effect on the vacuum panel, which can increase the puncture resistance of the vacuum insulation panel by 4 times. Because the reinforced vacuum insulation panel  can avoid the air leakage issue  during the construction process, it is much more suitable for the harsh environment of the construction site.

    Product Details

    Protective layer thickness 2mm
    Feature fireproof ,waterproof, strong hardness and certain flexibility
    Application building 
    Supply Ability 100000 Square Meters per year
    Packaging Details Wooden frame box
    Loading Port Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou 

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