Prefabricated vacuum insulation decoration integrated wall panel

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The prefabricated vacuum insulation decoration integrated wall panel is a new product innovated by Zerothermo R&D team, which has complete independent intellectual property rights. It is widely used in prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building enclosure,The wall panel is composed of inner and outer decorative panels, vacuum insulation composite insulation layer, tongue and groove profiles and installation components.

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.15W/(m².K)
  • Water-tightness⊿P: ≥2000
  • Air tightness qA: ≤0.5㎥/(㎡∙h)
  • Wind resistance P3: positive pressure 5000Pa negative pressure 4500Pa
  • Impact resistance H: 1100mm
  • In-plane deformation γ: 1/150≤γ≤1/100
  • Air sound insulation Rw: ≥45dB
  • Fire resistance: Grade A
  • Length: 1200mm,1800mm,2400mm,3000mm
  • Width: 900mm,1200mm
  • Thickness: 102mm,133mm
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    Prefabricated vacuum insulation Panels

    The prefabricated vacuum thermal insulation decoration integrated wall panel adopts a special design to connect with the curtain wall keel and the tongue and groove profiles. The wall structure is simple for quick installation, and the replacement is convenient, also workers can finish the thermal insulation and decoration installation in one time.

    A unique sealing system is adopted for the board joints to ensure that the air-tightness, water-tightness and thermal insulation performance of the wall meet the requirements of ultra-low energy consumption buildings and Safety, energy saving and environmental protection.


    Vacuum insulation layer

    Various materials and colors for decorative panel

    Guaranteed Air-tightness and water-tightness ,

    High performance of sound insulation and heat insulation

    New Design Broken Bridge Anchor

    Fully independent research and development, innovative technical support

    Integration of thermal insulation and decoration

    Factory fully prefabricated wall panels

    No need for on-site welding

    Simple and easy installation

    saving 40% of the construction time

    Application: building 

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